I Got Stitched! :(

I fell off from a thin wire while doing a back flip. I got hurt really badly on my head and it was bleeding a lot :(. My face was covered with blood! :o. With the help of my friends I went home, I climbed the stairs and went to my mom. It was paining a lot, my mom washed my face with cold water. Then my grandfather told my mom to wash my face with normal water instead of cold water. After my face was washed, I looked in the mirror and saw that I had a big hole above my forehead! My friend told my other friend. The funniest thing is that he was crying! I didn’t cry but he did! Then we went to the hospital. While going, everyone was looking at me :\. After we reached, there was no doctor over there! We had to call one! But he came in 20-25 minutes!! I had to wait a lot! Then the doctor took me to the operation theater and put medicine with cotton on my head and I got stitches. He put a bandage around my head. When I got out of the operation theater, my neighbors and my mom were there waiting for me. Oh and one more thing, while I was getting stitches my neighbor was looking through the door, well he was a police, so the doctors thought my grandfather complained in the police station because the doctors were late! Then I told them that he is my neighbor! So where was I ? :\  Oh Yeah! When I got out of the operation theater, my neighbors and my mom were there waiting for me. Then we went home, mom bought pomegranate juice for me. After I drank it, my friends came to see me. We talked a lot and had so much fun! I felt happier :). After two days I went for dressing (cleaning the place I got stitches and changing the bandage) in the hospital. We went in the doctor’s room (she was a woman), she said bring your own bandage. My mother asked ‘Don’t you have a bandage?’ She replied rudely ‘No! You have to bring it by your own!’ So rude! So, my mom bought it and the doctor cleaned the place I got stitches and put another bandage and there was a cotton under the bandage with medicine on it and it had to be where I got stitches but it was on the other side! Then my mother asked the doctor why is the cotton on the other side of my head? The doctor said ‘No, it is right where he (I) got stitches!’ Then we went home and my grandmother asked why is the cotton on the other side of my head and she and I went to the hospital and said to the doctor that why is the cotton on the other side of my head? Change it! Then the doctor said ‘You made such a big issue because of a little thing!’ while changing the bandage. Then we went home and I had to go for dressing again after two days! But I didn’t go because I forgot! After that day, I went there for cutting my stitches well the doctor was late again! Such bad hospital that was! The doctor is late, the doctor didn’t put the cotton on the right place, the doctor is late again! 😡 I hate that hospital. So, when the doctor was cutting the stitches it was hurting a lot 😥 but it was okay, when it was done he put a bandage just on my forehead this time and he told me we can take the bandage off in evening! 😉 When I went home I saw in the mirror and it was fine! 🙂 I took a bath and wore nice clothes! 😀                                                                                                                                                                 

                                                                                  THE END

Well this is all. And please see more posts @ coolshellpoptropica.wordpress.com


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